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30/08/2021Lords Supper[stream] (6:20 3.6Mb)2016 A
27/12/2020Will You Be Faithful[stream] (16:33 4Mb)1960 A
23/08/2020Serve One Another[stream] (16:25 4Mb)1932 A
28/06/2020Lords supper[stream] (5:14 1.3Mb)1919 A
03/05/2020What are the chances?[stream] (20:25 8.5Mb)1907 A
26/04/2020Lord's Supper 26 Apr 2020[stream] (5:03 2.1Mb)1905 A
26/08/2018From Time to Eternity[stream] (17:55 4.3Mb)1685 A
15/04/2018Faithful in God's People - Hezekiah[stream] (26:23 6.4Mb)1611 A
17/12/201710 Things Jesus Asks Us To Do[stream] (26:51 6.5Mb)1547 A
08/10/2017Faithful Love in the Last Days [stream] (32:52 7.9Mb)1507 A
02/04/2017Lord's supper[stream] (5:47 1.4Mb)1391 A
24/04/2016Lords Supper 24/04/2016[stream] (4:22 1.1Mb)1203 A
29/11/2015God Created[stream] (27:51 6.7Mb)1157 A
11/01/2015Guard your heart (mind games)[stream] (26:39 6.4Mb)1057 A
30/11/2014Who do people say that I am[stream] (26:42 6.5Mb)1045 A
20/10/2013Stop Doubting and Believe[stream] (34:01 8.2Mb)929 A
04/07/2013King of Kings[stream] (22:20 4.1Mb)893 A
23/12/2012Making Disciples[stream] (26:04 4.7Mb)841 A
29/10/2006Herod and John the Baptist[stream] (19:12 8.1Mb)203 B
21/10/2001Our spiritual welfare[stream] (11:55 2.9Mb)18 B

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga